Warehousing solutions


138,000 sqm of warehousing across six states

Tailored to your needs


Effective warehousing needs to be both robust and flexible, with different solutions required based on scale, location, product turnover, product size, and stock levels. Here at M3 Logistics, we always take time to speak with our clients in order to meet your individual needs. We provide both bulk storage and palletised racking solutions, with our accurate inventory control systems ensuring a high level of cycle control, bay location accuracy, put away accuracy, and picking accuracy.


Timely, accurate distribution


In order to meet the needs of our clients, our systems have been developed and customised across all levels. On arrival, we scan products into our system using a serial number and/or EAN number, with this system ensuring accurate storage and distribution every time. Our transportation and warehousing services are tightly integrated and entirely transparent, with reports consistent between jobs, states, and services.


Sophisticated tracking and reporting systems


Here at M3 Logistics, we implement a number of data-driven systems to improve business management across all areas of our operation. By integrating technology into everything we do, we leave nothing to chance. Our use of sophisticated technology and well-developed reporting systems is only matched by our open communication, with our approachable and responsive staff always ready to listen, respond to your needs, and deliver the best warehousing solutions available.

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