About Us

Dedicated to providing end-to-end

solutions forAustralian businesses

Why use M3 Logistics?

M3 logistics started privately owned company in January 2003. Created to fill a gap in the home appliance industry, we have expanded to become one of the leading transportation and warehousing providers in Australia. M3 Logistics provides a range of problem solving solutions that have been specifically designed to make your life easier. More than just a transportation or warehousing company,we’re dedicated to providing end-to-end solutions for Australian businesses. Here at M3 Logistics, we’re different because we care about our clients and take the time to listen, respond and deliver professional results everytime.

Responsive, consistent and transparent

Our open and responsive culture exists across our entire operation, with each of our staff members given the same message to ensure consistency and transparency.More than just competency, we strive towards excellence in everything that we do. Here at M3 Logistics, we utilise disciplined processes, integrated technology, professional training tools, as well as consistent reporting between states and jobs. We don’t just have the best facilities and equipment, we also have great employees and drivers who always strive to do the best job possible.

We leave nothing to chance

Our sophisticated training schemes ensure that people learn all of our processes from the outset, with individual and ongoing training programs integrated into working life. Our staff are taught to listen to clients’ requirements and develop flexible solutions that leave nothing to chance. Whether you need a single product line delivered across town or a nationwide transportation and warehousing solution, Our responsive team are available to listen, respond and deliver the fantastic results that your business.

Our People

Meet the team that is taking M3 Logistics to new heights in the Australian market place.

Our Culture

Our staff are taught to embody all of our company values and recognise excellence in the workplace through peer nomination programs.

Our Technology and Security

M3 Logistics manages 90% of its IT requirements in-house.

Trusted by Australian Businesses

Over the years, we’ve had the pleasure of working with some of the biggest and most respected companies in Australia.

While many people enjoy working with us for many reasons, it’s our ability to Listen, respond and Deliver that sets us apart from the competition

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