Our Culture

More than a company, M3 Logistics is a highly trained and responsible team.

M3 Logistics customer promise and shared values


At M3 Logistics, our values are integrated into everything we do and our open and responsive culture exists across our entire operation.

Shared values

I own it.
We make it happen.
Wow! Thanks!

We believe it is our people who make us a great company. From our management team through to our customer service operators and drivers, each team member believes in our shared values. These values guide our decision making and define our behaviour at every level of operation.

Our customer promise

We listen.
We respond.
We deliver.

Our customer promise is where our clients feel our values in action. Our committed people always take the time to listen to your requirements, respond to your needs, and deliver professional results in a timely manner.


Integrity and consistency

At M3 Logistics, we use disciplined processes to ensure efficiency and integrity that safeguards our customers’ products and reputation. Along with the shared values that define our company culture, we utilise technologies and professional training tools to guarantee consistent reporting between states and jobs. 

Training and recognition

M3 Logistics uses a range of training programs so our people learn and apply our processes from the outset. With individualised training, consistent reporting and reliable communication, we deliver professional results for our clients. We recognise excellence in the workplace through peer nomination programs and individual, quarterly and annual awards.

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