M3 Logistics manage 90 % of its IT requirements in-house.

M3 use the Translogix Sapphire and Opal Transport and Warehousing System, this system is widely used in Australia and considered one of, if not the industry leader. We have the capability to scan receipts and dispatches, track and trace status of consignments, obtain electronic delivery confirmation and send real time information to our customers. Customers can access all information relevant to them through our customer login page.



M3 have invested heavily in reducing the risk of shrinkage and/or external theft.The extensive use of surveillance cameras, infrared beams, seismic sensors, motion sensors including 360 degree variety, 'ram raid' bollards, back to base monitoring, security gates, GPS backup and digital monitoring and recording equipment make our distribution centers almost impregnable without immediate detection.

Further investment in people that share the M3 values creates a safe and secure environment for our team and for our partners.

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