Company founder, Malcolm Stanton started M3 with the single ambition of presenting a real alternative for suppliers and retailers who wish to improve the performance of their supply chain; M3 was formed to address the electrical appliance industry’s need for a total logistics solution.

Today, M3 provides an Australia wide solution for warehousing, line haulage, and wharf cartage, customs clearance, store deliveries and home deliveries. M3 has an extensive blue chip client list and employs over 100 people.

To develop with our customers a successful third party warehousing & transport partnership



  • Collaborating with our business partners to ensure the provision of products, services and solutions are mutually beneficial and contribute to the overall vision of the company.

  • Continual growth specialising within the Electrical Appliance industry and supply to major retailers to develop efficiencies and cost savings for our customers.

  • Investment in the latest technologies to improve information flow for our customers and to take advantage of technology cost savings.

  • Providing a safe working environment that rewards and recognises the efforts of our employees and contributes to their ongoing personal developments.



To effectively service the client, one must first understand their needs. M3 offers a genuine third party inter-modal solution specifically designed to service the electrical appliance industry and deliveries into major retailers.

M3 does not pretend to be a large, multi-layered corporation but rather a personal and caring provider of 'best in class' warehousing and distribution to all our clients irrespective of size.

M3 offers those smaller clients a level of service that traditionally has been only available to the market shareholders. The M3 model seeks to offer an efficient and effective service to suppliers and retailers alike by optimising assets through load consolidation and a regular, consistent delivery service.

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